Immediate colposcopy vulvoscopy and anos

Immediate colposcopy vulvoscopy and anos.

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Ginecologia y obstetricia
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The clinical approach of the observer (gynecologists, postgraduates, biologists,

dermatologists, health professionals), as well as of the novice colposcopist and the

expert, is the direct observation of a lesion. But the same colposcopic finding may

be the expression of different etiologies. For this reason, a diagnosis cannot be

articulated according to a school treatment or an examination by topics. This atlas

is the first in international literature that provides a deductive approach and

follows the identical diagnostic path of the observer: from lesion to diagnosis. This

book offers an essential but explanatory text with 540 illustrations, including

instructive diagrams and findings in colposcopy, vulvoscopy and anoscopy. The

rich iconography represents a precious quick or in-depth consultation tool in a

specialized field where the vision of the uterine cervix cannot be detached from

the evaluation of the vulva and anal region. A full immersion session completes

this work, showing the most interesting and unusual cases that may occur in daily

clinical practice.

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